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Saddle Repair

Prices for saddle repair

When I receive your saddle I will email you with an estimate for repairs. Shipping saddles is best via US Postal Service Parcel Post – much cheaper than UPS or FedEx. The prices you see on this page are for estimate purposes only I will always need to send you an estimate first before you can make a payment using PayPal.


How to measure a saddle.

Length of tree is from head to cantle.
Width of seat is from belly to belly.
Dip: Place ruler on head and cantle and measure vertically from center of seat.

How to order saddles.

Give size of saddle wanted or height and weight or rider.
Width and length of girth.
Width of stirrup leathers.
Width of stirrups.
If not specified, average size of girth, leathers and stirrups will be furnished.




Take a quick look at the parts of a saddle and how a saddle is made.

A Barnsby Polo tree as it comes from the Factory Aulton-Butler Polo tree with the webbing ready for the under seat padding Polo tree with under seat padding ready for new seat
repair-1 Aulton Butler Polo Tree with webbing installed Polo tree with  under seat padding


The following prices will vary depending on what I find once I open up the Saddle.

New red buffalo billets – $15 ea. – (Normally 4 per saddle) Broken tree in the front – $100 Broken tree cantle – $200
repair-1 Aulton Butler Polo Tree with webbing installed
New Pig Print Flaps – $ 150 New Seat- Suede or Smooth – $250 New Seat -Scottish Pigskin – $300
repair-1 New Seat - Suede or Smooth Broken tree cantle
Cover the Panels – $150 Repair Stirrup Hanger – $40-50 New Zippers in Polo Boots – $60
repair-1 Repair Stirrup Hanger
Elastic or Velcro on Kneepads – $20-40

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