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Polo Equipment

Prices for new polo equipment

Take a look at some the the most common Polo items that I make. Take advantage of having equipment made to you exact specifications. I have made many other types of equipment in the past including Bridle parts, Knee Guards, Girths, and much more.

Red Buffalo Stirrup leathers 1 ¼ in x 60 in long – $90 Shipping Muzzles – $35 Replacement Gag Rounds – $30
repair-1 Aulton Butler Polo Tree with webbing installed Broken tree cantle
All Leather Reins – $60-$90 Rope Draw Reins – $60-$90 All Leather Over Girths – $60
repair-1 repair-1 Broken tree cantle
Nylon Over Girths – Almost Any Color – $35 Work Chaps – Made To Order – $200 Ball Bags – Two Styles – $100
repair-1 repair-1
Kneepads – Old Style Ribbed – $150 Polo Mallets (splice ea.) – $25


Products For Retailers


Ladies Carry All Bags for Raoul in Santa Barbara Rover Folding Chair for Holly Hunt Inc. in Chicago
Ladies Carry All Bags Rover Folding Chair

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